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The Swiss food slicer, come to stay. In your kitchen and in your heart.

Are you ready?

Leider gibt es in diesem Jahr vorerst keine Omnia mehr zu kaufen. Wir sind auch sehr traurig darüber, aber aufgrund der extrem gestiegenen Preise für Rohstoffe, ist eine Produktion im kleinen Rahmen momentan unerschwinglich.

Wir hoffen nächstes Jahr wieder starten zu können. Vielen Dank für Euer Verständnis.

Tragt Euch gern in den Newsletter ein, dann seid Ihr die Ersten, die erfahren wann es losgeht und Ihr könnt  Euch einen Rabatt sichern :-)

Wir wünschen Euch eine friedliche Zeit. 


The Swiss food slicer, come to stay. In your kitchen and in your heart. Are you ready?

The HERZBERG Omnia is operated with pure muscle power and effortlessly slices through bread, ham, or vegetables.

Swiss Design - made in Germany and Switzerland.

With this seal of approval, we stand for quality and timeless design.

A real gem in your kitchen.

- the all-in-one food slicer

What our customers say!

D. Signorell

Dear HerzBerg-Creators,

The beautiful piece arrived this morning!

Very, very nice, we are really happy, everything in the kitchen has been rearranged and our oldest daughter has already used the last piece of braid in the house!

 Bravo, we are happy, we decided on it last year, I'm sure an object that will outlast us and one day will become a classic itself, which it is factually already.

J. Wuppermann

Thank you very much!

My parents are very happy about their new gem in the kitchen!

Thank you again!

We can't wait to see ours soon!

Many greetings.

M. Lamas

dear Franziska, dear Jonas it has arrived today ... MY omnia!

and "i am in love"! the pictures were already very appealing, but it exceeded all my expectations. you have created a beautiful product. not only the functional and pure shape ... no, the materials are "awesome", they feel extremely good. keep it up, dear ones!

Social and fair

We manufacture the work board with embedded stainless-steel plate together with our partner "Workshops for people with disabilities" from noble and certified American walnut wood. The turned handle made of walnut completes the noble look.

20190731 Herzberg Schneidemaschine Proto

Quality - made to last

The serrated knife is made of through-hardened stainless steel with a diameter of 19cm and comes from the quality company Solingen, the cast parts are made of high-quality stainless steel and recycled aluminum.

For a secure grip on all work surfaces, the machine stands on four rubber suction feet.

20190731 Herzberg Schneidemaschine Proto

Product features

  • unique and patented: The magnetic stainless-steel sheet serves as a crumb tray in the bottom of the wooden plate and can easily be emptied over the sink

  • Full metal design with environmentally friendly powder coating in 5 different colors

  • 190 Ø mm round blade made of rust stainless and through-hardened steel with special serrated edge "Made in Solingen" - Germany's famous blade city

  • manual polishing of the castings

  • stainless steel hand crank and hand turned walnut or oak handle

  • Solid wood top made of fine walnut or oak with quality rubber suction feet

  • Simple slicing thickness control of the material to be sliced from 0 - 20 mm by scaling

  • Dimensions of the product (L x W x H): 360 mm x 280 mm x 230 mm

  • Net weight 3.2 kg

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