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As a creative couple from Berlin with a background in carpentry and a weakness for handicraft, we, Franziska Krüger & Jonas Heckel, moved to Switzerland in 2016 out of a passion for mountains and nature.

With the idea of our own manufactory for functional kitchen unique pieces made of local woods and vintage slicers, we founded the HerzBerg Manufaktur in Zurich at the beginning of 2018.

Out of the love for vintage objects, the Omnia Food Slicer project developed over time - a homage to the slicers from the 1960s. High quality materials, timeless design and local production in Germany and Switzerland.

Our aim is to use as few resources as possible and to involve local manufacturers. In this way we set an example for durable and high quality - and less plastic waste in this world!

Our unique pieces of furniture for home & kitchen are made from local wood or, if possible, from reclaimed wood, according to individual customer requirements. The style language ranges from industrially robust to filigree and elegant.

In our furniture manufacture on Lake Zurich, small and, in partner workshops, also demanding large orders with different materials can be carried out promptly and in close coordination with our customers.

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